Common ultralight aircraft

Ultralight aircraft come in a range of specifications, sizes, and configurations depending on their purpose.
The following are a list of the most common ultralight aircraft found in the United States:

  • Aerolite 103 ($20 000):
    Designed by aviation lover Terry Raber in 1996, this ultralight aircraft is simply a joy to watch and a delight to handle. It is easy to fly and inexpensive to maintain. The Aerolite 103 comes with the following features and specifications:
    • Top speed of 60 mph.
    • Fuel capacity of 10 US gallons.
    • Range up to 100 miles.
    • Well fitted gears for shock absorption and Azusa brakes.
    • Electrical powered flaps.
aerolite 103
The Aerolite 103
  • CGS Hawk ($40 000):
    The CGS Hawk comes with a curved front design that bends in such a way that it creates more space for the cockpit and gives room for taller pilots. It is built with the following features:
    • Top speed of 80 mph.
    • Weight when the engine is removed- 550 pounds.
    • Dual 3- axis control.
    • Fuel capacity of 10 US gallons.
    • Well-built stabilizers and rudder for better controls.
cgs hawk
CGS Hawk
  • M-Squared Breese SS (~$150 000):
    This ultralight aircraft takes pride in its ultralight weight. It is powered by a 40 hp Rotax 447 engine and has a gross weight of 650 pounds. It also features:
    • Sailcloth wing with the double surface.
    • Fuel capacity of about 8 US gallons.
  • Quicksilver GT-500 ($20 000):
    This sturdy and easy to fly ultralight aircraft is one of the best performing ultralight aircraft in the US. It is equipped with the following features and specifications:
    • Cruise speed of about 80 mph that tops at 88 mph.
    • Weight when the engine is removed- 445 pounds.
    • Dual CDI ignition.
    • Tachometer, which measures the RPMs of its 80 hp Rotax 912UL engine.
    • Cockpit with adjustable seats built-in for comfort and vitality.
woopy fly
The Woopy-Fly
  • Woopy-Fly:
    This is a remarkable ultralight aircraft. It comes with an inflatable wing, a unique feature among ultralight aircraft. Other features include:
    • 20 hp powered engine.
    • Cruise speed of 37 mph.
    • The empty weight of 123 pounds.
    • An outstanding assembling time- 15 minutes!
  • Cri-Cri MC-10 ($1000):
    Michel Colombian designed this ultralight aircraft in 1971. A small economic aircraft can perform aerobatic manoeuvres, Cri-Cri MC-10 spots the following features:
    • Cruise speed of 124 mph.
    • The empty weight of 176 pounds.
    • 2 JPX PUL 212 engine.
    • Take off distance- 330 ft.
  • Air-bike 103 ($6 995):
    The Air-bike 103 pays close attention to its weight and therefore doesn’t joke around in its engine selection. This makes the aircraft easy to assemble and a delight to fly. It comes with the following specifications and features:
    • Fuel capacity of 5 US gallons.
    • 28 hp propeller engine.
    • Fixed conventional landing gear.
    • The range of 115 miles
air bike
Air bike 103

One sure thing worthy of note is the fact that these aircraft are extremely affordable. With prices ranging from $1000- $150 000, most of them are cheaper to acquire than automobiles.
With the excitement that these rides offer, I see no reason why anyone would want to resist them.