The joys of ultralight aviation

Everyone dreams to fly, and we’re not talking about commercial flights. Its something more than that. Like a bird, flying openly over the sky without a worry in the world. It really looks magnificent. To replicate the same experience, people are trying various methods such as parachuting, gliding, or even budgie jumping, but to experience the real pleasure of flying on your own, there’s no substitute of a ultralight aviation.
What is ultralight aviation?
An ultralight aviation is a lightweight aircraft for single person. It consists of primary navigational controls for an aircraft such as aileron, rudder and elevation. For power, ultralight aircraft also consists of power plant to provide rotary power as well.
Joys of ultralight aviation
The best thing about ultralight aircraft is that any one can built it. It very economical and easy to fly. Make sure you have adequate license to operate a ultralight aircraft.
Basically the main reason for ultralight aircraft is fir recreational purposes. You can’t earn from it, neither use it for delivery purposes. The entire concept behind the ultralight aviation is to have a flying experience and simply have a awesome time.
Uses of ultralight aircraft
After you have obtained your flight license for ultralight aircraft there are actually three domains in which you can use to fly ultraviolet aircraft ob your own.

  1. Sports
    There are plenty of sporting related event where the use of ultralight aircraft are commonly used. National and international level competition are being provided for ultralight aviators to perform various challenges such as time trial based sports in which the pilot has to fly this aircraft from one location to the other as fast as possible.
  2. Surveys
    Although an ultralight aircraft can’t go to a greater height due to its compact size, but still it can cover almost every terrain. With a simple onboard camera and radio system, the pilot can flyover to any designated area and provide information through his radio system. Ultralight aviation has been successfully used in the department of observation and survey for many years.
  3. Documentary
    Many news or reporters greatly admire over the top view for taking pictures or recording purposes. An other joy of using ultralight aviation in the department of documentary related missions, just as flying at the top if a rough terrain and record the birdeyes view about its landscape.
    Some important consideration for using ultralight aircraft
    There are various consideration will flying a ultralight aircraft. We have discussed the main ones below.
  • They cannot stay longer in air
    Due to its compact size and lower full capacity, an ultralight aircraft cannot be operated for a longer duration. Although you have full level indicators in your cockpit to provide data about the fuel and other important information
  • Unable to carry much payload
    Because of their light weight, as the name suggests, the ultralight aircraft cannot carry payload. It cab carry only a pilot and some small size camera and radi system
  • Can’t be used during bad weather
    Ultralight aircraft is suitable only to be used in perfect, low pressure environment. Rain, high wind pressure or cloudy weather is no suitable for flights
  • Only suitable during day Time
    With no onboard navigation system and guidance instruments, ultralight aircraft cannot be operated during night hours.